Sim Institute offers simulations for corporate training in management and sustainability. Our simulations on corporate emission reduction strategies are globally recognized. They are used both as a learning tool and as a starting point for companies to plan their own emission reduction initiatives.

World-class partners

We partner with leading organizations to develop and distribute simulations for their stakeholders, including the International Hospital Federation, the Geneva Sustainability Centre and the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance. Get in touch if you want to discuss the development of a simulation for your organization’s employees, customers or members.

Hear what our customers have to say

Rishabh Rai Shrivastava

Sustainability Manager, Emicool
This is a well-designed simulation that effectively engages participants across different management levels. The simulation provides a straightforward understanding of the business actions taken and their outcomes in both the short and long term. Coupled with its gamified approach to grasping impact, it truly enhances the learning experience.
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